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October 3, 2011  

Breaking in the new Protools situation, with the old materials, combined in a new way - like a stew of left overs brought to a boil, then backed way way off.  Enough ramble...after this, new song download, one take (uncut) and right to the podcast. Names West Hall Ramble, this track is a three recording blend of drum track, live bass and guitar progression over a production-like bed for a 16-bit rendition of what easily could have been an early 1990's video game for an SNES (Super Nintendo) or SEGA title. Enjoy... I will revamp this page to allow easier commenter access soon, thanks for all the mail commentary at danny@dannyhauger.com and thanks for visiting as always!

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The MLB Playoffs were live on AM 830 Saturday. Stay tuned for post season baseball this week!

The Oakland Raiders played a strong first half and took an early lead over the New England Patriots before Tom Brady battled back for a Patriots victory. The final score was 31-19.

We also heard extra NFL action as the Ravens defeated the Jets 34-17. New York’s offensive line could not protect Mark Sanchez. Mark had 3 turnovers all of which resulted in touchdowns for the Baltimore Ravens. It was a rough game all over for the Jets and Baltimore had no problem running down time in the second half to coast for the win.

This week on Sports Radio AM 830: Playoff baseball Tuesday! Tune in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to catch all the action of October on AM 830. Visit www.am830.net for our live broadcast schedule.

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