Warriors, Teaching, and Toronto

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May 10, 2015  

Hello and happy mid month of May everybody! It's been flying by in the literal and physical sense. In the physical sense I guess I would need to be talking about birds for it to be literally flying by. Then again I did have a bird flying to my window so that is a story that's interesting that I didn't even mention the podcast. But then again I've arty stop the microphones let me just keep it in the text only portion. You can think of it like a free podcast bonus from Danny Hauger Studios.

On today's podcast, and please don't forget to subscribe, I talked about our upcoming trip to Toronto Canada. I look so forward to our first trip to Ontario. I'm so thrilled that we will be going to the Blue Jays game, taking a bus tour to see Niagara Falls, taking in the gorgeous and spectacular views from CN Tower, and enjoying the city of Toronto overall. I can hardly wait to share our trip with you on our upcoming podcast to help encourage more people to travel abroad and see how beautiful the world is, as well as how great the United States is, but to see more and appreciate cultures and how much we all have in common.

Today on the podcast we recap the Golden State Warriors lost to the Memphis grizzlies on Saturday night, which brings them down two to one games in the series. I think Steph Curry will prove to be a viable most valuable player, and have a huge bounce back when the Warriors win the series in six games. You can hear more my thoughts by clicking the play button below.

Don't forget also that you can check out my new album, "if I grow up", it is currently for sale on iTunes and Amazon. You can also check out all of my back albums on Google play. You can stream the album for free on Spotify is well.

Have a great week everyone!

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Also in the news for me is my new album, "If I Grow Up" which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, as well as free streaming on Spotify. DannyHauger.com is under maintenance for a bit, so enjoy my podcast for all the latest Danny Hauger updates.

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