“Walk Away” Original Modern Rock Song by Danny Hauger Free Song Download 11 of 52 for 2017

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March 18, 2017  

"Walk Away" was not the song I was intending to write, but sometimes creativity unravels itself in unpredictable ways. I tried to control it into a slower, ballad type song, but after a few new sessions emerged, Id ecided to follow the chord progression and see where it would lead me. The result was a modern rock, even alternative sounding song resembling a bit of the band Bush, or contemporary, especially the way the harmony came in a lower octave, which was a first for me in my recordings I think. I enjoyed the bit of a rough edge that came out, and it developed nicely without a need for layering of lots of tracks. I let it remain simple, and I am happy with the result. This is free song 11 (really 15 or 16) of the 52 week challenge for 2017. Please help support my music! Thanks for listening.



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