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April 9, 2016  

Happy Rainy Spring April to you music lovers! I just wrapped two brand new songs, one instrumental, and one that inspired me to complete and podcast it for your enjoyment. The tune is called "Undefeated Streak", and its about two friends that encourage each other to chase their ambitions and potential. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it over the last several hours. This demo version is free, and when the song is complete, it will be part of a brand new album in February of 2017. This is the tenth free song I have posted in 2016 so far, talk about productivity! Thanks for listening and please share with a friend! Its ad free, and no cost from Danny Hauger music studios!Download "Undefeated Streak" by Danny Hauger (right click and save)

“Undefeated Streak” Music and Lyrics by Danny Hauger


I’ve been tested and I’ve really tried.

To completely honest you’ve been telling lies.


I’ve been working every day this week,

Trying to protect my undefeated streak.


An open challenge and a sacrifice for anyone to come get me.


Now Ive been talking to everyone I know,

They’re all excited about coming to your show

I’ve heard your nervous, about stepping on that floor

Remember this is exactly, what you’ve been asking for.


I know you’ve been working every day this week,

You’ve been practicing perfect ironically.


Everyone is looking at you now,

This is your moment in the sun,

Its time for you to stop your walking

Its time for you to run.

I’ve been working every day this week.

Trying to protect my undefeated streak.

 If you missed my new song from Thursday, "The Solution" earlier this week, it is a good pair of free songs to add to your iTunes music collection! As simplistic as it is, I think there is truth there.Download "The Solution" in mp3 (right click and save) Enjoy this week's free mp3 from Danny Hauger free music podcasts! Written on April Fool's day, no joke!

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