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Toronto, Taylor, and Teaching

June 13, 2015

Yes! We are right around the corner from our Tourism Podcast in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!! ON today's podcast (see what I did there? The double caps? Like Ontario??) we discuss our excitement for our upcoming visit to Ontario, and all of the sights of Toronto. With thanks to our friends at See Toronto Now! We are thrilled to embark on a week long journey to explore the Toronto area. Just their Twitter feed alone is enough to make us update our itinerary of awesome things to do next week.

We sincerely want to encourage our friends, listeners, and followers to travel this wonderful and friendly world, and extend a friendly and courteous visit to our neighbors, and see what is out there! Toronto looks like it will be an amazing place to visit. Tune in for our next episode when we review the Toronto Zoo, Aquarium, our trip to a Blue Jays game, Niagara Falls, and so much more!

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Taylor guitars! Yes, finally! I traded up and the sound is brilliant. Listen to part two of the show for a happy hey to my new guitar.

And finally, but not least by a mile, I am a teacher (and still a broadcaster, writer, host, musician, and other things!!!) I have my first full-time teaching contract, and its a great time to be in transition. Next step... Credential Program City.

Thanks for listening everyone! Thank you to Johnny Milford for the podcast introduction today, he does awesome work in media production!

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Have a great week everyone!

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Also in the news for me is my new album, "If I Grow Up" which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, as well as free streaming on Spotify. is under maintenance for a bit, so enjoy my podcast for all the latest Danny Hauger updates.

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