Titan Talk, The Furlough

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October 20, 2009  

Titan Talk, live from 2 to 3 PM on www.titanradio.org, tune in and call us - (657) 278-5516, should be a great, extended addition show. Listen to this extended episode of Titan Talk

This extended show covers:

A John Lam call, or two...or four
Weekend updates

Succeeding through Boardwalk and Park Place, not Extenze and Vodka, or falling on your face
Halloween Plans 2009
Danny is shooting a movie which requires him to eat five eggs.
DJ Fiesta calls in
45:00 in, BP calls in to defend my associated content articles, available here: Danny Hauger's Contributor Profile - Associated Content


Norcal news : Stanislaus and CSUS
furloughs, vacations, and weekend protesters
BP calls in from the shower (avoid mental pictures)
the evolution of social networking from AIM to present day
Matt Aguire in class at CSU Chico
Offbeat news


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