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Titan Talk and the Trivial Budget

September 29, 2009

Titan Talk trivia Challenge, Showdown 1 vs. The Harbinger. Seven questions.
Following that we talk about the budget protests happening all across the public campuses in California. Today, September the 29th, nearly all of the college campuses are demonstrating against fee hikes, tuition raises, furloughs, and budget cuts. From UC Berkeley, all the way down to Cal State Fullerton.

Play along and test your trivia knowledge: What is M. Bison's home nation? What is 4+4? What is Cal State Fullerton's mascot? What is Michael J. Fox's most famous movie? What Kardashian married recently?
After their defeat, the Harbinger retaliated by sabotaging the live recording of Titan Talk, of which we have no further record... what you missed was offbeat news...which will never be heard...

The next segment that was able to be salvaged, after two computers lost the feed, is the signoff, enjoy!

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