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February 17, 2010  

TILTcast: This I learned today:

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Be careful when you are in front of that camera.  Baltimore Oriole's relied pitcher Brad Bergesen injures himself during a commercial shoot for the 2010 season.  This after being out hit in the shin by a line drive last year!

Orioles Pitcher Brad Bergesen

  1. Softball needs to be canned so sports like trampoline and figure skating can survive?
  2. Olympics, fun to watch
  3. If you weight gold medals, Germany and South Korea are leading Vancouver so far in 2010

The TILT Podcast

February 17th, 2010

Complete  Vancouver Medal Count 2010 Olympic Details:

1) United States Gold-3 Silver-3 Bronze-4 Total =10

2) Germany G- 3 S- 4 B-2 Total = 9

3) France G- 2 S- 1 B-4  Total = 7

4) Canada G- 2 S- 2 B- 1  Total = 5

5) Norway G- 1 S- 2 B- 2 Total = 5


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