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This is Your Day New Studio Indie Demo Free Download

April 24, 2020

Sail around the world, just because its Thursday. [Cause you;ve got nothing else to do]

You wait for rocket launches to lift you up for the weekend. Cause you deserve it/ 

Take apart the fabric of everything nearby, to re-design your life. 


You want all the best things in life to fall to you, and who’s to tell you no? 


This is your day. 


There’ve been moments you question, the cliffs and the rainfall. 

There are nights you wonder if anyone else is having trouble sleeping through this . 


This is your day. 

This is your day.


Coral and ebony, and the lights through the waves. 

You take a deep breath in, as you dive through unexplored caves. 


There are times when you wonder if you should just settle in - but put those thoughts aside. 


This is your day.


Brand new demo from isolation, enjoy, share, and be well all!! Listen to my music on Spotify too!

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All at Once

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