Theres a World Out There 2016 version

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January 29, 2016  

There really is a world out there, its on iTunes now!! And this re-recorded version of a simple acoustic tune has turned out to have a hold on me after 3 years of performing it. So much so that I returned to the studio last week and added some depth, feeling, vibraphone/marimba, and some strings to sweeten the sound. It is still the same heartfelt and simply stated message about trying to find more good in the world than bad, but it has more heart and sound in it now. 

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I think the vocals had sounded a bit dry in previous iterations. This recording is now a lot more full to my ears, and its free, and it is featured on the upcoming 2016 album, "Together Now" from Danny Hauger studios, enjoy, and watch for the Google Play release coming this weekend!

Thanks for listening everyone, go out and explore the world out there! And take and share my music along the way!

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