The Question Unplugged Acoustic 2017

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June 7, 2017  

A newly recorded version of one of my most popular songs, written while I was a student at Cal State Fullerton. I enjoyed writing and performed this one on every tour I ever went on, and in most of my early gigs, it was fun to revisit it unplugged and acoustic.

Lyrics - "The Question" by Danny Hauger

"From my windowsill,
There was pouring rain,
I can see you still
Calling out my name.
There's a question that's
waiting on my mind,
That's the reason I've been hiding out in my room.
I don't know what to do, or what to say, or anything.

If I walk away, you'll be gone.
If I stand aside, I'd be wrong.
If I could speak my mind, I'd be strong.
But I can't find the words to ask you.

You and I we both, have had our share,
Times of seeing stars, and times we didn't care.
But I know that some, will say its for the best,
But this question I, can't lift off my chest.

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