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February 1, 2016  

The last week or so I have heard more references to my song "The Question" than I have in years. This song was given a big push in 2009 when I performed it in three continents including Paris, London, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. During this stretch I played more live gigs than any other year. "The Question" was a staple set list song. I love it and I remember writing it fondly. Though it still contains two or three recorded errors, I opted to leave it to its studio version, with drums provided by Jeffrey Moscone. Thanks again Jeff for helping bring this alternative track to life. It remains, mistakes and all, one of the more radio friendly songs in the Danny Hauger collection. 

"Together Now" is available on iTUNES NOW, and $4.99 now on Google Play and on !(release 2/9/16), iTunes and all digital outlets coming soon!
Cover art
This podcast version is an exclusive, not the album version, and involves a ride cymbal and a live track intro that was a one-take. It was a lot more pure and simple than the final cut. It even has a built in transfer lead that explores subtly in the background. In some ways, I like it more than the more complex final product. 
"Together Now" will be released this month from my home studios, enjoy the song download, share it, subscribe, and come back to visit often! Have a great week everyone!
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