The Interview, Titan Talk, 10-13-09
October 13, 2009

The Interview, Titan Talk, 10-13-09

Matt helps his grandma's shed, Duck's Hockey, Ducks, Angel's and Dodgers Update,
Word of the day - exculpate
President Obama vs. Obama, can't wait for Ryan Miller from Guster to call.
Skiing vs. Snowboarding and how to...

Segment 2 picks up at 12:30 (min:sec) - in an office environment, for a short lived interview segment
Matt laughs a lot

Price tiers for celebrity sperm donations.
Spray painting donkeys into zebras
Matt Vidovich sets up his Billy Mays impersonation (23:00)

Crashing into the median and safe driving techniques, and Matt's sister

Respect for Mike Judge, and King of the Hill, Matt talks about the film Extract.

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The show talks about stuff, then Ryan Miller from Guster calls in.

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