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That’s Good, That’s Bad, Cozy Corner 2.8

May 24, 2009

The start is good, the end of the season is bad! Cozy Corner heads for SUmmer Break, but there will be webisodes coming shortly, and a short film to be shopped around, so check back often and enjoy this season finale of Season 2!

A story of talking burgers, lice, friendship and betrayal. And will weasels rule the world?
Told By Grant, Aaron, Danny and Jess. Clearly improvised and coridally told.

a new segment called, "That's good, that's bad" opens the show, which consists of this fourtold story

Looking for a short film to leave you feeling good? It's finally here, order Cozy Corner: The Movie, for a $10 donation via paypal, and email the address to send at or click below

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