Take Me Home Demo First new Song of 2020

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March 20, 2020  

“Take Me Home” by Danny Hauger Key of D Major


Airports shutting down,

Life around closing in.

I want to reach out,

So you can pull me in.


Im close to nothing

Six feet from anyone. 

I would like to go for a walk

But I cant begin to run from this. 


I’ve been waiting for you all night long,

Flying back to you. 

I’ve been waiting for you all night long,

So take me home. 


Depart from your normal.

Take off from your stagnant runaway.

Reach out in a t-pose, 

Your flight sets course for my way. 



"Take Me Home" is the first song I have completed in 2020, I guess the extra  time off for spring break, and the scenes from around the world, sparked some creativity, and a bridge to unity, rather than exclusion, I hope everyone enjoys this free demo! Thanks for listening. Stay safe, well, and enjoy music everyone! If you're grateful for free music from me, or just for having a good day, consider making a donation to my local food bank (Contra Costa / Solano County - serving people through this crisis), or yours!

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