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I’ve been waiting for such a long time,

In the hopes that you would admire me,

Why you are looking at me so blind?

I’ve been waiting for something exciting.


Where will you be on Saturday night,

I’m At the bowling alley with french fries.

Trying to get attention from Sky,

Your hanging with that loser guy.

Trying to pretend he can’t hit a pin.

So you can come back for some phony win.

What a loser to try such a lame trick

I should know cause I came up with it.


I’ve been running for such a long time,

Just to hand off your water bottle.

I’ve been training your constant companion,

Where will you be on Saturday night?


I’ve been waiting for such a long time, (take a bow)

Kick it with me, just for one time.

Is it wrong if I wish him to die?

So I can out with you tonight.


Will you consider it fine,

If I decide to give up on our time.

Cause I’m feeling like I’m wasting my life

Trying to get you to like me.


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