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Swine Flu Update on The Show with Matt V

April 27, 2009

Swine Flu continues to sweep accross Mexico, the US, and most rampantly - the American media. Three college students weigh in on the significance of another epidemic of medical hysteria. We hope those that are ill get better, but we also hope this isn't a complete reliving of the bird flu outbreak. Either way, wash your hands, and enjoy the show! Includes live field reporting from Danny near the Swine flu.
Show Contents:
-Swine flu and the overcoverage of the news media
-Canada Air pilot fails alcohol test before a flight
-Matt on Senior citizens climbing stairs
-The internet, Domino's Pizza youtube video, and privacy on the net, with Twitter at the helm

Thanks to Matt V for having us on the show, and Mark for joining in.

And with that, we'll keep an eye on the swine flu watch from a Southern California perspective, check back for updates, or subscirbe via itunes to Danny Hauger Podcasts


Hopefully everyone is getting the care that they need, espeially in Mexico where the flu is spreading most rapidly. Tuesday, April 28th. Mexico City, which is reported to be the epicenter, will hopefully get some help from other cuntries with medications to provide for its citizens.

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