Struggling Music Demo by Danny Hauger Documenting the Songwriting Process

Interesting to me on the week that Coursera began its free online course for songwriting (link provided if you're interested, Coursera is a great resource!) that I decided to post another documented draft of a song in progress fresh from the studio - ad here it is. "Struggling" is coming from a single acoustic rhythm guitar unplugged and some raw lyrical base to fill in the structure so far, with allusions to the song "Losing Sleep" (YouTube video) and "Slow Dance" (Listen on SoundCloud), which is the first time I have employed that songwriting mechanic.

The song is about 55% complete, bu the falling harmony is clearly the central piece in the composition. Falling in cascade in the introduction will likely be the sticking pattern for the entire song, but a few different layers are included through the song.

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