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Star Wars Review SPOILERS and the Flaws of Movie Sagas

December 19, 2015

SPOILERS (watch after the movie) are present, but not intentionally so, no main plots are given away here, in this podcast review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Luke SKywalker is back (spoilers: not until the end), I had thought he would take a large role in the film. Han Solo is present in a big way though.

There were two main points in which I lost focus on this (overall very good) story. The first was the scrolling text which seemed to have a chronological flaw in the pattern, and another being the fact that movie sagas have a flaw in not being able to (SPOILERS) remove main characters from the initial films in the series. I think the bigger issue is one of economics.

I am a medium fan, and I want people to enjoy whatever they like, Star Wars or otherwise. Just a few thoughts are offered here based on an audience viewpoint during the film.

JJ Abrams did a nice job directing the action. The on-screen performances are nothing short of excellent.

The bigger issue here is, even when movies are made well, if some plot points are off the table because of sequels, then we are limited to the on-screen potential of saga presentations, aren't we? And I don't discount or take away the pleasure of the film, its very well done! Its also great to re-live childhood classics and favorites, but I think the ability to develop one movie into greatness is hindered when sparsely spread by hand into three buckets, rather than one.

Here is 18 minutes, reflecting on this moment in history, when the world stops to watch a movie, and share a story. Which, by the way, is a wonderful thing.

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