Stacking Up demo

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August 13, 2018  

This demo was recorded August 8th and features Danny Hauger with some high harmonies from Jessica Hauger. Enjoy, download, and share! I went back to a sinple guitar recording sample for thei femo and I hope you enjoy it.

“Stacking Up” Words and Music by Danny Hauger


(½ step) (D, Em7, G)
Forget that no one cares.

Forget what’s said out there.

Arrange your desk and chairs.

Set the table, they’ll soon bere.


History? Where is hers?

History, often blurs.

The past is narrative.

Don’t take if you can give.


(Bm - G - D)

Surprise yourself,

BY helping out.

(A - Bm, A, Em7 G)

You’ll know where you stand.
There is so much demand.


Go set your desk and chairs.                 (verse 2)

Make like its always been there.

Clean up and put away,

All the mess that you have made.


(Bm - G - D - Asus)

Don’t wind me up right now.

My mind was made up, but how?


(D - G - Em - G)

I’m Stacking up,

I’m putting away.

I’m adding up,

Who I am today.


So if you’re bored                    (verse 3)

And you can’t line up your life.

Your goals can guide you,

When hopes may fade away.

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