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Spring To Life Album version in the Making

May 23, 2020

Spring to life

  1. Em. F. G   
  2.   C.   G.  C. 


Clear the land. And level. 

Prepare to start anew. 


Once dormant

Now waking. 

Growing up for the first time


And we weave a simple basket

Hope it holds all the eggs we place inside. 



Spring to life

Take your time in the sun take your time in the shade 

Spring to life 

Stemming from what once was dead. 

Spring to life

Take some time in the shade and some time in the sun. 

Spring to life

There's nothing more you need and nowhere to run to. 


Each branch has meaning

They carry new leaves

When a cutback or a storm seems devastating. 

There's a pathway for new life to seep through. 


And our fibers make up a basket

The strength of which lies in all of us. 


Spring to life

There's nothing to fear, nothing to dread

Spring to life

Anything you want to do can be done. 


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