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Spirit World aka Ill Be There Demo

May 13, 2020

When you feel a chill, 

When you're walking alone 

And it's warm outside

But you shake to the bone. 


You swivel your head around but there's no one there

You feel the raising on your arm of your  


It's like you're  been visited by a l ong lost friend. 

Who  grew up on the same street, and wants to play again


But the games aren't so simple, and there is no Chalk, 

And the rules are the spirits, who flyover us while we walk. 


Though you may not see me, 

I'll be there 


You can try to pretend, 

That's its all your mind. 

You can try and ignore them, 

And say you are fine. 

In wind that blows,. Theres something. More. 

Like a high tide, from out of nowhere, and  it's here by by your side. 


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