Solar Flyer Free Song 12 of 2019

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March 21, 2019  

“Solar Flyer”


Transmit me to a place I’d rather be.

Now, like Laguna Beach in summer.

I can’t afford to see your daughter.

I can’t it afford it.

Here let me take away

The goodness that I brought with me

The one thing that you recognize

Of value, is the one part of dignity


That I can’t trade for unlimited energy.


Correlations building data,

Privacy resets tomorrow.

I don’t care what you know about me

But will you be here when I need a friend?

Go and disconnect

And spend with me the time we share

I’m not afraid of who might like this.

I would just like to be part of this.


Cause all I want is unlimited energy

And a solar flyer to take me around the world

Cause all I want,

Is unlimited energy.

And a solar flyer to take me around this world.


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