Snow Globe Original Kalimba Song Demo by Danny Hauger Instrumental Free Download

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September 2, 2019  

I have been playing my new Kalimba from Enya Music non stop all holiday weekend! I love the crisp and clean notes, happy melodies, and pick-up-and-play fun that you can have with this Enya Kalimba. It is such a bright and happy instrument. Kalimbas are awesome!

I wanted a Kalimba from the first thumb-played notes that I heard in other musician’s videos. Enya Music has been a trusted name in my house for a while now, after reviewing their Koa HPL guitar, and their beautiful ukuleles, I was pumped up to get my thumbs on a kalimba to review. The crisp, reflective, and clean-sounding projection appealed to me in a major way. Enya’s Squirrel Kalimba is adorable, beautiful, and elegantly simple. With a tuning hammer, carrying case, and a ready-to-play instrument out of the box, this is a stellar sounding Kalimba.

Watch the video review on Youtube of the Enya Kalimba and demo. 

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