Sleepy Kitten Album from Danny Hauger Launches on All Digital Stores

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March 25, 2014  

Music fans worldwide are saying, what is "Sleepy Kitten"? I have had more emails this morning about this new album than ever before, and I am thrilled to introduce it right to you myself!

"Sleepy Kitten" by Danny Hauger now streaming on Spotify for free!!
"Sleepy Kitten" is the newest worldwide release from Danny Hauger music. It features some new alternative rock tunes, some acoustic tracks in the modern rock style, and even some instrumental songs. The album features a full hour of new and newly remastered songs. Be the first one of your friends to have Danny Hauger music in your iTunes!

Support independent music, you get the song "Losing Sleep" for free on this podcast post! Plus, you can help support the artist on all of your favorite digital music outlets:
And Amazon!

Sleepy Kitten

Sleepy Kitten

March 22, 2014

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