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Simplify by Danny Hauger Music free song download @DHXmusic

June 11, 2012

A nice fan note today: Marco Farias @HaloMarcoOC

@DannyHauger I just listened to the whole "Chasing the Golden Age" album and it's sweet. Got to say my fav song is "Again."  ___-- hearing things like this (more like reading) is really nice. Trying to progress with my music has been a challenge at every concert, gig, and recording, to find worth and find an audience in a clutter of emerging media and self-publishing without the funds or friends in the right places to really push the music. All I need is the knowedge that a few choice people are enjoying listening to tunes I have written and recorded. Thank you all for that. I really appreciate it. - Danny

This is an instrumental guitar track from the album, "Chasing the Golden Age". Thanks for listening! Share with your friends and support indie music, its a totally free download! Enjoy this track and follow @DHXmusic for more, website at Widgets

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