Simple Wanting 2014 Demo

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September 4, 2014  

After nearly two weeks in the East Bay, I finally got around to implementing the light version of my recording studio. 

Just in time, too! I was pondering a new chord progression for the last couple of days which usually does not stay in my memory and ends up getting lost into the ethos (or is it ether, or is either?!)
Download "Simple Wanting" by Danny Hauger (right click and save)
The prevailing demo I am calling "Simple Wanting". It was created by playing a few Jim Croce songs and wanting to emulate his talent as a chord progressionist, (another new word) and his excellent style of singing and songwriting.

I hope you enjoy this free download of "Simple Wanting". 
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  Name Artist Time Price  
I Want You (feat. Gary Young) Danny Hauger 2:52 $0.99 View In iTunes
I Didn't Want to Love You Danny Hauger 4:01 $0.99 View In iTunes
Slow Dance Danny Hauger 4:32 $0.99 View In iTunes
Jackson Valley (feat. Mike Stidolph) Danny Hauger 3:08 $0.99 View In iTunes
The Thinnest Moon Danny Hauger 3:01 $0.99 View In iTunes
Valentine's Day Danny Hauger 4:15 $0.99 View In iTunes
Rise (From What You Know) Danny Hauger 4:20 $0.99 View In iTunes
I Want to Live with You Danny Hauger 2:22 $0.99 View In iTunes
Simplify (feat. David Bingley) Danny Hauger 2:31 $0.99 View In iTunes
Again Danny Hauger 6:08 $0.99 View In iTunes
Everything I Wanted Danny Hauger 5:33 $0.99 View In iTunes
How Long? (Live from Studio 770) Danny Hauger 3:58 $0.99 View In iTunes
Two Leaves and a Star Danny Hauger 2:33 $0.99 View In iTunes
Will You Follow Danny Hauger 4:51 $0.99 View In iTunes
The Question (feat. Jeff Moscone) Danny Hauger 3:00 $0.99 View In iTunes
Losing Sleep (feat. David Bingley & Dan Anthony) Danny Hauger 3:28 $0.99 View In iTunes

Jackson Valley

From the Album Jackson Valley
September 28, 2010 | Format: MP3

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