Seeking Remote Music Collaboration, Gigs, Touring, and a Record Label

Hey Podcast fans, and music enjoyers! I'm seeking people with recording how-to to compile some original work together.  Let's compose, exhange, add-on, and improve each other's work, and offer a few free downloads along the way!  Email me at today!  I'm also looking for more regular mellow sets and gigs in the Orange County area, if you have a favorite or know someone please let me know as well. Thanks for all the support! Record labels - get on board and lets get some physical releases out there. 

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the Playground Music Festival today. Thanks to Hogue Barmichaels for booking, Matt Vidovich for the information.  Playing for a crowd of thousands in Orange County was a special experience and I thank the Shiny Toy Guns, The Game, and everyone at Hidden Valley in Irvine including Cameron for the technical help with the set-up and execution of the show which continues through September 4th, 2011.

Enjoy this free song download of "Losing Sleep" by Danny Hauger Music, grab the .mp3 below!  Share with your pals. Email, Facebook, Twitter, all of it - go for it.

Indie music fans!  If you're shopping around for some new digital albums, be the first of your friends to have mine.  Nineteen songs bring a double length album, here's a free download and more info Danny Hauger Music Presents: Songs to Wake Up To, The double length album now on iTunes and Amazon. 19 Songs for less than $10. Featuring the alternative hits Return, And The Question Blended with the ambiance of Jackson Valley, and Simplify.  You can also read my latest article about making a modest to (un heard of) career in music.

Danny Hauger Music Songs to Wake Up To

Thanks for coming, I give away a lot of free downloads, and I'm trying to get somewhere with my music, I have 45+ songs and copyrights, and am looking for a label and album support.

Please share this page with anyone you know who might like it, Thanks!  @DannyHauger



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