See the Sun Song a Week Challenge 4 of 52 2017

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January 25, 2017  

The song a week (#SongaWeek) Challenge continues to week 4. Help me grow my music in 2017 by downloading free music? Good deal right? This week is a semi-psychadelic feeling acoustic and electric groove called "See the Sun", about going outside. Who would have thought in the booming Industrial Age of America or the steel revolution that we would one day right a song about getting away from computers to go see the sun? Well, we're here, and today I did, it was a gorgeous day in San Francisco at the Maritime Museum and Hyde Street Pier! Then I came home and finished this song, and I hope you enjoy it!

“Come Outside” Music and Lyrics by Danny Hauger

I was a fold into a crescent,

I was a petal on a rose out in the rain.

And i’m not here to hurt you.

I’m not here to hurt you.

Come outside and see the sun.

Don’t stay inside and hide from everyone.

Come outside, and have some fun.

Come outside,....

There’s a chill in the winter wind.

I feel the season changing again.

How many more are we guaranteed?

How many lives are we gonna lead?

Come outside and see the sun.

Don’t stay inside and hide from everyone.

Come outside, and have some fun.

Come outside, and you can see, see the sun.

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