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Scotty Johnson from Gin Blossoms and Titan Talk

September 22, 2009

Interview with Scotty Johnson, lead guitarist of the awesome alternative band, The Gin BLossoms, and Titan Talk with Matt and Danny
Listen to the Scotty Johnson interview here!

Plus, Titan Talk, September 22nd, 2009, discusses:
The basic decency of the average human being
Getting stolen from...politely
The Emmy Awards - winners and losers, Simpsons (36:00 in), Family Guy, South Park
Jyrus checks in and tries to plug his show
Offbeat news including: Man crushed by cow (splat story of the week), finding a severed hand in your yard, a New York reporter plucks a chicken on the air, 3,000 golf balls in Joshua tree national park (42:00),

Jairus tries to fill a minute of dead air (44:32)

Eating contests, and those that want to watch Kobayashi
An interrupting mallard duck enters the studio, Ducks Hockey getting ready to break the ice (49:10)
and more...


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