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Rumors Demo Draft First Cut

November 4, 2019

First Draft of "Rumors", new version will be released for the 2020 album, "All At Once". I will be collaborating on the drums and maybe harmony vocals. Stay tuned for the new album announcement!


“Rumors” Words and Music by Danny Hauger


Sometimes you'll put yourself out there. 

Sometimes you might fall flat on your face, 

But when you look back on your life one day. 

You won't have many regrets for mistakes. 


Salvage what you can remake. 

Transform the givens into gifts. 

Relay the transmission and engine. 

The gold is driving you to shift and sift away. 


Don't let the words that doubters say, bring you down. 


If a flower has a chance to bloom, 

Don't wilt before the sun and moon. 

If potential has the hope to trust. 

Don't fear that your time has been lost. 


Everyone take a good look around the room. 

It seems like someone’s spreading rumors.
Separate the fiction from the truth. 

It sounds like someone’s spreading rumors. 

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