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Royal Blues free download and Together Now Album Art by Miguel Cervantes

January 18, 2016

Recording an original blues composition for an album was always on my to-do list, until today's session! I put a live group together and recorded everyone with one microphone centered between the musicians performing live. Lots of wires, lots of noise, and one solid recording. It wasn't the most pristine session ever put into a session, but it came out with some heart and soul, and even a couple of improv verses (that version was available for 24 hours). I recorded during the live jam session, then Placed one round of live take harmony and exported. 

This blues track features Danny Hauger on lead guitar, composition, and lyrics.By the way, this version of "Royal Blues" is a podcast exclusive, the album version will be completely instrumental. This vocals live version is a free treat from my studios for the loyal listeners to this podcast. I will be using the original live version, with no lyrics, on the upcoming album "Together Now" by Danny Hauger (releasing March 1st). The lyrical version is up for a short amount of time, before being replaced with the instrumental on January 20th. Enjoy and share!    
Credit to the ever-talented Miguel Cervantes for the upcoming album art for "Together Now", set for release on March 1st, 2016, on digital music stores everywhere. Miguel is a pleasure to work with, and has a unique creative lens. Get in touch with him direct for your next project! 
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