Rocky vs Star Wars Greatest Movie Trilogy Ever and Sports Lodge Best of

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January 3, 2012  

If it were my choice for best Hollywood film trilogy, I would not hesitate to choose the Rocky series over Star Wars. "It's a more believable story"... to say the least. Enjoy this Best of the Sports Lodge with Danny Hauger, james Allen, and Roger Lodge from January 3rd, 2012. Happy new Year everybody! Balboa beats Clubber Lang always anyways, film or reality. Shouting prizes and more in The Sports Lodge, enjoy!

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This best of begins with James, invited to take the show to break, once he gets his cue that is. With instructions from Roger of coarse, concluding with the ritualized recitation of the phone number by Danny. He loves it when I say that.

Glad to be a part of the only live and local radio show in Los Angeles California, weekdays 7-10 am on AM 830 KLAA.

Missed yesterday's show? . After a morning bet was amplified I stepped up a wager with roger Lodge that we wouldn't get 10 calls on a New Year's morning show in the first segment! So there I was, pressed between my desire to speak in clothes... and my new Year's resolution to dress better in the office. Here's what went down.

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