“Rise from What You Know” and Zimo Soprano Concert Ukulele Review and Rise From What You Know

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June 9, 2019  

Watch this performance on Youtube. This original Danny Hauger song features a Zimo Concert Ukulele that includes a review following the song. This Zimo Soprano Ukulele comes with a super cool 6-in-1 accessory kit including a tuner that clips on, spare strings, picks, and a capo. The wood is resonant and balanced in projection, and you can hear a demo as I play my song, "Rise From What You Know". Please leave any comments down below. I was surprised that the quality of this Zimo uke (provided for demo, opinions are my own), exceeded the top selling ukulele that I had paid for on Amazon, this is a definite choice as a starter ukulele that I feel good recommending.

Amazon link - Zimo Concert Soprano Ukulele 

Lyrics "Rise From What You Know"
Rise From What You Know

Well the rush before has caused the storm,
Everyone we know adored
The way we used to run and play.
Where children' innocence abounds,
There was no one else around to stop us
Now they've got us.

We're trapped so much in growing up,
We've forgotten what came before
The brilliance of an endless summer day

The tracks run West and we head East
And we'd all run into the streets
And play basketball until the sun came down.

Rise from what you know
I'll always be there for you.
You know, what they suggest for your life?
That's not what you have to follow.

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