Right for You

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February 27, 2016  

Its been a writing spree since the release of my new album "Together Now" which makes me dually pleased to have content forming so freely for the next album, and slightly dismayed that this recent creativity came a spur to late to appear on my newest album. Despite that, pleased to have another podcast up just 2 days after the last instrumental demo, "Car Commercial". "Right for You" has a rock edge to it that brought out quite a productive solo after 4 hours of recording in total. I maintained a strong focus through the session and produced a brand new, full-length, and yes - FREE, song download from Danny Hauger Studios. Please subscribe and support my music and my new album!

Together Now, Danny Hauger

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Lyrics -

2/27/16 “Right For You” Lyrics by Danny Hauger




Decipher code in arguments,

Disciver hidden monuments,

Improve on your own excellence,

Enlighten all the ignorance.


You might do what is right for you.

Let my guidance be sight for you.


Believe in what you think is true,

And not what they decide for you.


You’re mindful of your right to choose,

But when you make believe you lose.

Look at the box they made for you.

Break out any time you choose.


You might do what is right for you.

You know that its all up to you

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