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An upbeat story for your summer, to offset the ratio of negativity in the news, enjoy. Leave a comment if you want by clicking below.

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I didn't want to go shouting this story and bragging after we did it, but I did think it was a good story to offset all the negativity in the media cycle. The point is that the world isn't that bad - cheer up.


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In Sports news, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim may be the biggest surprise in the American League.
Bats are swinging as the halo is lit up in Anaheim for the sixth straight game

After a middle of the road start, the Los Angeles Angels have erupted into a red-hot halo flare of big bats and stellar pitching. After a sub-par start to the season, the Los Angeles Angels have become the hottest team in the American lead going into the upcoming All Star game.

In the past 14 games, Torii Hunter has exploded with a flurry of RBI's, including one 3-homerun game, bringing his season total to 16. Certainly baseball fans have been motivated over the past week to mark Torii's name in their All-Star ballots. The following game, mid-line slugger Juan Rivera had his own multi homerun game, hitting two.

This production as of late has been even more impressive considering big bat Vladimir Guerrero is finally starting to swing the bat in the way Angel's fans are accustomed to seeing.

After Wednesday's come back victory against the San Francisco Giants, the Angel's finished their second consecutive series sweep, and their sixth win in a row, also the same number of games over .500 for the first time this season. This comeback was in large part due to singles from the team's leading hitters, Guerrero and Hunter. in the eighth inning. This win was amplified by the defeat of NL phenom Tim Lincecum of the Giants. The loss was the first for Lincecum since April 12th when the Giants visited the Padres.

Chone Figgins also has rallied from a slump and looks to be one of the most impressive leadoff hitters in baseball, and is beginning to put together a small string of consecutive games getting on base. Figgins' double was the turning point for the Angel's rally at AT&T Park.

Angel's pitcher Kevin Jepsen earned his first Wednesday with strong support from relievers Brian Fuentes and Justin Speier. It seems that the hitting and pitching for the Angels has come into step left to right as the team looks ahead to a series against their LA rival Dodgers on Friday.

It will take a lot for Manager Mike Scisocia to keep his team focused and aggressive during the upcoming All-Star break. If the current trend continues, the Angel's will have some much needed momentum going into the second half of the season.

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