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Replanted Tree Demo

July 28, 2018

Replanted Tree Words and Music by Danny Hauger


Shoulder a burden, elbow a sturgeon, into the sardine parade.

Band marches on, twirl your baton, and ride the wave.


Good tidings fall, like a tsunami wall of sound, and my ears are buzzing.

Barriers breaking, glass ceilings made to order, just for you.


Business is booming, dollars consuming, from the wallets we are.

Work for a living, day off for giving.

Back to those who will take.


When I wake up, my nightstand is buzzing, and I’m wide awake.

Data is swarming, alarm is alarming, I wish that all this news was fake.


Relatives smile, and families deny, results of your DNA test.

Your rich uncle Felix, is not your double-helix, and now you will make your own way.


Come see your cousin, an old English muffin, have some tea by the Thames.

Sit with your sister, an old English mister,

Now here’s your re-planted tree.


Why hold a grudge, pass me some fudge from the chocolate tin.

Let me enjoy, do not destroy, my sweet dreams.


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