Remembering Joe Franciosi

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May 18, 2015  

Remembering my friend and colleague from Angels Radio AM 830 KLAA, Joe Francisi. Your honesty, your candor, and your sense of humor will stay with me buddy. Thank you for the good times we spent working together!

I remember lots of hilarity behind the scenes running boards and shows together. He was always ready to laugh, even when things weren't so funny, thats what I will carry on from Joe the most. And the stories, lots of great stories! RIP buddy. My thoughts to his family, he LOVED you more than anything and spoke most proudly of you. It humbled me each time to hear him speak of you.

WWE Creative Writer Joe Franciosi passed away

From Yahoo News, Joe Franciosi, a former WWE creative writer who worked with the company in 2010, passed away due to a heart attack on Friday. Joe once did a segment with Ted DiBiase where he took out a fake eye. He was also responsible for pitching the William Shatner segment where Shatner performed his own version of WWE theme songs.

Recently, Joe did a creative for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He also started out with Rick Bassman's UPW promotion in California.

We worked hundreds of hours together at Angels Radio AM 830 in Anaheim, and it was always a good time at work when Joe was around.

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