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Record Wars, Titan Talk, 11-3-09

November 3, 2009

Matt Vidovich returns for a new game, Record Wars. We go through pairs of the top selling artists of all time, you pick the winner. Play along from home. Here are the matchups:
Best selling artist battle

kylie vs spice girls
backstreet boys vs kenny g
Johnny Cash vs Kiss
Bob Segar vs Enya
Bryan Adams vs Ryan Adams
REM vs Ricky Martin
Journey v Carlos Santana
Village people vs Van Halen
Tupac Shakur v The Who
Rod Stewart v Nirvana
Phil Collins v Neil Diamond
Metallica v Eminem
Genesis v Garth Brooks
Iron Maiden v Judas Priest
New Kids on the Block v the Four Tops
Andrea Bocelli vs Alice Cooper
Green Day v meatloaf
Boyz 2 Men v Destiny's Child
Shakira or Shania Twain
Robbie WIlliams v Oasis
Dire Straits or Fleetwood Mac
David Bowie or Chicago
Barbara Streisand or Bruce Springsteen
Duran Duran v Dolly Parton

Total Record Sales, Worldwide.

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