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June 23, 2019  

Today I tried something new in the loft studio, instead of fully lighting the room in the late evening, I wanted to create a bit of a live music lounge vibe, and I left the lights dim.

All the better for featuring two fantastic Etsy friends in the video.

The Custom LED Danny Guitar was created by MirrorMania Store on Etsy

And the “Do You Even Smash Bro” Shirt, which I love, is done by TheRirie Press. Support their stores and thank them for supporting my free music podcast!

Both Etsy stores have some very fun, creative gift ideas, for a loved one, or for yourself, and they are very nice people - which means a lot to me from an artistic and personable perspective.

Today’s video is a relaxing, but up beat, instrumental guitar progression, featuring my Kepma Koa Guitar with AcoustiFex system, which I use to dial up a little reverb and delay about a minute into the track. You can hear the clean and versatile nature of the guitar, connected by Doc’s Basement guitar cable (pink). A lovely sound for a cool evening recording session.


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