Out of Trouble

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January 16, 2017  

Inspired by a few takes I did with a heavily hacked John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival type vocal, I ranw ith the idea of a similar Western Rock influence for this which really plays ona  country-esque chord progression. Some lap steel would have gone great into this carnival tune. Sounds like something I want to play at a County Fair performance one day. I really got caught with the hook and had to go record it, even though I was actually in the middle of building a sound proof box for my voice overs. Everything had to be halted to get this song made in the middle of the day, and it was worth it. I hope you enjoy "Out of Trouble", its a song about the trade off for family from the days of wild action to the days of routine traction. Thats a pretty catchy line, I'll have to remember it in case we ever have an interview about this one. Thanks for listening everyone! I loved recording this one start to finish, it was a lot of fun!

“Out of Trouble” Words and music by Danny hauger, Copyright 2017

I challenge you to tell your best story,

Try and entertain the room.

I’ll have you beat at every moment of glory

But no one to go home to, when all the partying is through.

I’ve been wasting all my time/lfe

I’ve been staying home at night.

I’ve been changing all mys trips, so I, can stay out of trouble.

So if you’re tired of all your solo mornings,

When you’re left with your head aching.

Trade your limousine for my Toyota Camry

Ride yourself in routine, that never ends.

I’ve been wasting all my time (And who I used to be)

I’ve been staying home at night. (So you can be with me)

I’ve been changing all mys trips, so I, can stay out of trouble.

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