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September 14, 2016  

Wednesday night recording following some  advanced planning for my classes. Quite a productive Wednesday. I was excited for the opportunity to sit with my Taylor (guitar), and begin to write. I really relished a keyboard line that was the first track laid down in the session. Then with an alt/90's drum style, I began to lay down some notes in Ab and then C minor. Eventually I visualized ocean waves, and the recording was off to guide itself.  I hope that you will enjoy listening to "Ocean" by Danny Hauger. 

Lyrics and Music by Danny Hauger - "Ocean"

There’s a feeling,

Like I’ve been here before.

Like I was a wave,

That has been washed ashore.

The sea foam,

The turqoise,

The sunset,

The wind’s noise.

For every swell that approaches, I’m here today.

For every grain of sand that blows away,

Every human emotion, I send to you.

As I sit by the ocean, I think of you.

You feel it,

That I’m here with you.

Absorbing, like I am sinking too.

I’ll stay here, Its not my time to go.

Be near me, and you can help me through.

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Together Now, Danny Hauger

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