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August 14, 2016  
Ever drop a guitar pick in the sound hole? Players know what I'm talking about. I don't think I had ever written a sentence with "players" as the leadoff, or the subject, before in a statement. I like it but it may never happen again. Well, after a 10 minute shakedown today and the re-emergence of said pick, I was back in the studio again setting down a keyboard line in the "Helix" instrument of Garage Band. That led me to a simple strum of C and F Major on my Taylor, acoustic-electric guitar. From there, I had a slow and steady, but upbeat song. 

I named this song "Not Too Bad", and it is this week's brand new song for free from Danny Hauger music studios. I like the happy but mellow mood of this tune. I hope you will enjoy listening to it also. Thanks for tuning in, subscribe and download more than 50 of my songs on this podcast for free!

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


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