Northern California vs Southern California

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May 29, 2009  

A sarcastic differentiation. Audio to be posted soon. Here is a list I have devised after two years living in orange County about the main differences between Northern California and Southern California. Enjoy, contribute your own by leaving a comment or to
In Northern California you can only water on certain days of the week, in Southern California you can light your tap water on fire in some cities, don't try this at home Ontario!
In Northern California you can buy fresh fruit from around the corner, In Southern California you can buy fruit around the world.
In Northern Cal you can watch the Kings in Sacramento, in Southern Cal you can watch the Kings at Staples Center
In Northern you get up early and get stuck in cow patties on the way to work, in Southern you get up and get stuck in traffic.
In Galt (North) you see lots of cows, in Chino they eat lots of cows.
Northern California leads the nation in foreclosures, Southern California leads in plastic surgery.
Northern has its A's baseball in Oakland, Southern has it's A's in Anaheim ( of Los Angeles)
In the North they visit Great America, in South they visit Disney or Knott's
Northern invented Asparagus in Stockton, and the Tokay grape in Lodi, Southern California has the date in Indio, and the invisible groves of Orange County
Northern has beached seals at fisherman's wharf, Southern has fisherman at Seal Beach
Northern has sea gulls in the bay, southern throws bagels in the sea (at CSU Channel Islands)
Northern Cal hugs trees at UC Berkeley, Southern paves trees for more parking at USC.
Northern California is on Myspace, Southern Cal is on Facebook
Northern Cal swims in the Delta, Southern Cal drinks from it
Northern drives through the mountains to Lake Tahoe or Reno, Southern Cal drives to Palm Springs and San Bernardino.
Northern has fog, South has smog
North Has bridge tolls, South has toll roads
Northern listens to AM radio, Southern listens to FM
Drives the 5 or 99 freeway, Southern drives the 55-91-1-101-57-60-10-15-605-405-73-133-71 etc.
Northern Cal has Comcast, Southern has Time Warner
Northern California drinks tap water, Southern California drinks Vitamin Water
Southern California draws world renowned artists, Northern gets Neil Diamond
Northern pays for public parks, Southern pays to park in public.
Northern Cal claims Bakersfield is South, Southern Cal claims Bakersfield is North.

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