No Excuses Instrumental

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November 26, 2016  

 Today I wasn't feeling my best but I felt protective in the recording studio. I may not of been able to record any vocals but I was still able to read this new song and record the chord progression. I felt like starting off today with the electric guitar, for some upbeat music. I had just opened a package from Thread Wallets, a brand for which I record voice overs and commercials. Another company had inquired about using my music for an upcoming movie, and they asked specifically if I had any upbeat songs for their use.

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I realized that at least 80% of my archived songs, totaling more than 120, are slow and reflective. So I thought, no excuses, I need to beef up, or "Boca" up some new faster songs. Here is the first of the new batch from the studio. The distorted guitar is a little fuzzy, but there is a good energy carrying through that was a lot of fun to record. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

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