My Cat’s Amazing Life and Stockton to Fullerton from Danny Hauger Now Available

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May 15, 2013  

Thanks to all the great social media feedback from listeners to the new music, old radio shows, and everything in between. In particular, the reception to our new children's coloring book, My Cat's Amazing Life, has been wonderful, and I thank everyone that has checked it out. If not... its on Amazon - take a look! Any purchase can be sent to me via email for an additional free .pdf copy to share with your friends and family.

Above is the link to the coloring book and digital ebook on Amazon, and below is the latest musical compilation - "Stockton Fullerton" featuring 35 of my direct recordings on locations around California. Help support truly independently produced music! Enjoy a free download right here on this podcast!

Today's free song download is "Sun Fields in G", an instrumental tune for an afternoon nap or early morning breakfast. Composed and recorded by Danny Hauger, this is one of the available songs on "Stockton to Fullerton", yours to download in mp3 free, thanks for visiting, share with your friends!

Download this song from Danny Hauger now! (right click and save)

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