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MLB 2012 the Show Video Game Review Playstation 3

March 6, 2012

MLB 12: The Show has delivered the best baseball game of this gaming console generation. Complete with saving synchronization from Playstation 3 and PS Vita, only Diamond Dynasty Mode, and an overall improvement on every corner of the field. Sony San Diego has delivered palpable improvements that create an even more rounded baseball simulation this year.

Batting systems have added a new control scheme reminiscent of Ken Griffey Junior’s Major League Baseball. Move the left analog stick to aim as you use the right to time your swing. It is difficult at first as I experienced seven strikeouts through five innings at the hands of the Kansas City Royals. As you progress you feel more in control of the bat than ever and feedback systems give you tips to catch the ball in your wheelhouse with the Dualshock Playstation 3 controllers.

The menu is revised and downloading the newest rosters straight from the game start menu was nearly instant. Within a minute I had Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson, alongside the youthful upgrades of Peter Bourjos and Mike Trout. The players look great and batting stances have been revisited for greater accuracy to their real life counterparts.

The broadcast still sounds the same. More lines but the same delivery, crowd sounds are wonderful. Ambient chatter is humorous and brings your ears to the ballpark. The crew is growing on me and the discussions take on more original compositions and predictions than the previous two releases.

Pitching with the new pulse system is fantastic and rewarding. Better timing provides better control but no pitcher has pinpoint accuracy which reflects real life baseball. Think before you throw and watch your confidence meter before it gets hammered into left field.

Don’t like the control schemes? All the classics are available. Pick and choose and get into the game with a feel that makes you comfortable.

Baseball physics have been tweaked to indicate momentum and spin changes. New animations present a realistic simulation that is a beauty to take in whether you’re winning or losing.

I was skeptical at the cash register but feel thoroughly confident I will enjoy this baseball experience in MLB 2012: The Show for a long time coming. MLB 2012 the Show

I was skeptical about the new iPad too, but that worked out once again in favor of Apple!

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