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Michael Jackson was Remembered On this week in Cozy Corner History

July 7, 2009

A DHX dedication to Michael Jackson (1958-2009), "so long star, its been nice to see you..."

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Starting about a quarter of an hour past 10:00 AM on the Pacific Coast of California, Michael Jackson was celebrated as a pioneer of pop music and icon of the celebrity world in front of 20,000 adoring fans and family inside of Staples Center in Los Angeles. A commendable job by Los Angeles police to control the crowd, keep traffic in the area moving, and secure the site of a solemn, yet celebratory event to honor the life of a man who changed the way that the music industry operated, and donated more to charitable organizations than any pop musician in history. His life was honored by those closest to him, in a dignified and classy manner that any man or woman would be proud to have seen to honor their own life. The ceremony was tasteful and refrained from being the circus I had expected. Processions of speech after speech honored the legacy that Michael Jackson has left for future generations. A philanthropist, a showman, and a mind that was unmatched according to the people closest to him, were able to tell an international television audience how their lives had been impacted by the man who has graced as many covers as any individual in history. Usher, Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Brooke Shields, Kobe Bryant, and the Jackson family, spoke humbly of their friend and colleague. Magic Johnson, in particular, put in perspective a moment of fried chicken with Michael, which he called the greatest moment of his life. For over two hours, family members and celebrities took the stage, singing and telling stories of a man who never quite grew up. A member of the Senate introduced a piece of legislation to be debated, which would honor Jackson as a national treasure.

It is clear by this celebration, this week of remembrance, and the million hours of collective media coverage that has and will come from his life and those he has affected with his presence. It is truly remarkable to see the life of one man bring a fleeting halt to a billion people when hearing the news, that Michael Jackson, the so-called King of Pop, has passed.

From stories told by former family attorney Brian Oxman to me, and the unprecedented media coverage, it has been made clear to me that Michael Jackson is an icon to tens of millions of people around the world.

As a moderate fan of a few hits, even I can see how important and world-renown that Michael Jackson is, and an individual of the caliber who may never be seen again.

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