Matt Aguire and Danny Hauger - Anywhere You Want (Cruising 101)

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January 14, 2017  

Today we tracked some freeways and took a trip to Berkeley, CA. My good buddy Matt Aguire stopped by the studio and for the first time in more than 10 years, we recorded a brand new song. Unplugged, acoustic, and in one solid take, we recorded the guitar rhythm and cajon into a fun and upbeat acoustic song. Tomorrow my YouTube Channel will feature a full mix, but enjoy the first studio cut of "Anywhere you Want (Cruising 101"! Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast!

“Cruisin Down 101” by Danny Hauger and Matt Aguire

Crusin’ down,


Got the top down,

In the sun.

Cross the bridge,

To your town,

To pick you up when you’re feeling down,

(When you’re feeling down) Feeling down.

From Saratoga to Santa Cruz.

I’ve been out here looking for you.

From Monterey to Cambria,

I just can’t find you.

From San Francisco to San Jose,

You’ve been out there trying to find yourself

From Santa Barbara up to SLO

Anywhere you want, we’ll go.

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