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Martinez Shoreline Instrumental Free MP3 by Danny Hauger

June 23, 2020

Its been a few jams since a jam was preserved for a free download, bad pun? Jell-yeah! Ok, its summer, I'm a little silly, anyways, I laid down 4 straight tracks, without re-takes, and got this enjoyable instrumental jam, featuring a Godin Metropolis Acoustic, Godin Summit Classic, and Spector Bass! Enjoy and watch the video on Youtube. If you like it, drop a dollar in my Paypal tip jar, or support my new album, and thanks for listening!!

River Valley Virtual Tip Jar - Spring Green Area Chamber of ...

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hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEZCNACELwBSFXyq4SPOTIFY - now available for "Spring to Life"


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